Best Sky Adventure Activities in Dubai

Best Sky Adventure Activities in Dubai – 2021

Here are some sky activities that you can enjoy in Dubai if you plan for a sky adventure there. Sky adventure needs willpower. Sky activities or adventure is not for everyone. It would be best if you prepared your mind before doing this. These are some best sky adventure activities to find the Dubai, which make your trip memorable and remarkable.


As the name suggests that in this activity you can touch the sky with skydiving. You can enjoy the view of the large area in only one go. In Dubai, you can get all the advanced facilities and safety measure that will make your skydiving activity safer. It helps you to enjoy the amazing view of the desert area or palm area. You can enjoy this activity only from 1565 AED.


  • Palm drop zone Skydive Dubai, AI Seyahi St, Dubai.
  • Desert Campus Dropzone, AI Ain Road, Margham.

2. Helicopter Ride

With the name, we can know that this activity involves a helicopter. With the help of this activity, you can enjoy an amazing ride of a helicopter and can see the larger area of Dubai with the help of a helicopter. This is something different because from the sky the overall view is different from the road viewing so if you want to know more about Dubai then you must try this activity once. The prices of this activity starting from 492 AED.

Some other important details:

  • Maximum 6 persons are allowed.
  • Smoking, food such activities are not allowed.
  • Passengers need to bring their ID proofs.

3. Hot Air Balloon

If you want to see the desert from the sky then this will be the perfect activity and you can enjoy the sunrise from the air with the help of a hot air balloon. This activity will create an unforgettable moment for you. A hot air balloon Dubai flight lasts up to 30 minutes or depending upon weather conditions. It will take you up to 4000 feet above the desert and can enjoy the best view of the dunes of the deserts. The price of this activity starting from 1084 AED.

Some other important details:

  • The child’s age limit is 5-11 years.
  • Maximum weight allowed up to 120kg.
  • Lighter, bag, luggage, and alcohol such things are not allowed.

4. Dubai Seaplane Flight

There is no other best way to see all the amazing man-made things from the sky. You can travel Dubai Seaplane Flight for up to 40 minutes and every spectacular view of Dubai beaches and architectural wonders. This is the best for small groups or some small occasion. You can also see the neighbouring cities of Dubai. You can experience a smooth water take-off and landing and can see some famous places such as Palm Jumeirah, Burj AI Arab, Burj Khalifa, and many more. Price of this activity starting from 1827 AED.

Some other important information:

  • Maximum 9 travellers are allowed.
  • Most of the travellers can participate in this activity.
  • Only best when the weather is in favour of activity.

5. Xline

This activity is different from every activity and you have never experienced this type of activity before. We can say it as Flyover Dubai. Imagine fly over the beautiful cities of Dubai on the world’s longest urban zip line. You can enjoy this activity with friends, family and individually also and can see the amazing man-made things with a look of birds eye. Xline is 160 meters above the ground and you will be travelling at a speed of 80 km/h. The price of this activity starting from 610 AED.

Some other information:

  • The minimum age to do this activity is 12 years and the maximum 65 years.
  • One must have a minimum height of 130 cm, weigh between 50-100 kg, and good medical conditions.
  • Pregnant ladies are not allowed for this activity.

6. Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is one of the most amazing and adventurous activities. In this activity, you have to jump from a certain height and this is not possible for everyone as some have fear of heights. Jump from 160 feet high platform in this activity and safely tied it to your ankle. If you don’t want to go alone then you get the company of a friend in this activity so that you both can jump along with this tandem bungee jump. This activity will be most of the time in the daytime. Just enjoy the activity not overthink. The price of this activity starting from 308 AED and varies from location to location.

Some other important information:

  • Advisable to wear tight clothes and comfortable footwear.
  • Make up your mind.
  • Expensive items should not be carried along.
  • Don’t look down before jumping.

7. Fly Board

This is one of the best technological inventions which gives you the enjoyment of amazing sports and know by only travellers who are keeping interested in technological innovations. In Flyboard you are standing on a fly board that is connected to watercraft that helps you to do fly board. Water is forced under your feet which helps you to fly up to the height of ten feet and coming down into the water. When you are in Dubai you must try this activity once. The starting price of this activity is 279 AED.

Some other important information:

  • Activity will depend upon the condition of the sea.
  • One should know about swimming.
  • Carry your towels.

These are some adventure activities you can enjoy while going to Dubai. As we all know that world is suffering from a covid-19 pandemic so should take care of every precaution such as wearing a mask, proper sanitization, maintaining a gap from others, and avoid going in crowded areas.

Question. What are the best sky adventure activities in Dubai?

Answer. You can enjoy lots of sky adventurous activities in Dubai but these are the top 7 best sky adventurous activities skydiving, helicopter ride, hot air balloon, Dubai seaplane flight, xline, bungee jumping, fly board.

Question. What is the most dangerous sky activity in Dubai?

Answer. The most dangerous sky activity in this list is bungee jumping.

Question. Which sky adventure activity is best for couples?

Answer. All these sky adventure activities are best for couples. But we like bungee jumping.

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