6 Traditional Arabic Beverage You Must Try in Dubai
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6 Traditional Arabic Beverage You Must Try in Dubai

We have selected several options of best traditional Arabic beverages available in Dubai, which you must try once. The most traditional drinks in Dubai are tea and coffee, as UAE has adopted drinks from other Middle Eastern and subcontinental countries.

These traditional Arabic beverages will help you to cool down in the summer time. You must try these beverages and let us know which one is your favorite in the comment box below.

1. Gahwa

Gahwa or Arabic coffee popularly known as a welcome drink in the UAE. It is served in Emirates households. This is the first drink which the tourist want to explore as it falls under traditional beverages. Gahwa is brewed in a beautiful coffee pot called “dallah” and is served in small cups. You can find it in every restaurant or café.

2. Sulaimani Tea

Sulaimani tea is the perfect drink to savour after a heavy meal as it is brewed to a beautiful and golden brown colour. Sulaimani tea is made from loose tea, lemon and mint leaves, and cardamom refreshes tired tourists instantly. If you are trying local cuisine, ask for a Sulaimani tea after your meal and served in clear glass with a mint leaf floating on top.

3. Jallab

Another cold drink that helps you refresh on a hot day is a fruit syrup made from grape molasses and rose water. The drink is made by diluting the syrup into the water and garnishing it with crushed ice and golden raisins. Jallab is most prevalent during Ramadan when Muslims are fasting and need a drink to keep them hydrated throughout the day. The Jallab is a local favourite at Ouzi House Restaurant.

4. Karak tea

While coffee is the king of drinks in UAE, tea has gained more popularity in the name of Karak tea or chai. The word ‘kadak’ derived from India, which means strong. This drink can be enjoyed in almost all coffee shops in Dubai. There some other tea beverages available, which you can found on contemporary menus of Dubai. You must try this beverage once!

5. Laban

Laban is a salty yoghurt based drink that is the beverage choice for kids and adults. As Abu Dhabi is a desert city, locals need drinks to keep them cool during the summer. Laban keeps the body cool, boosts the immune system, and is fully loaded with calcium, proteins, and vitamins- the best cold drink ever. It is available in pre-packaged form as it is serving in most restaurants. You can also found Laban in supermarkets. Just pick one company, and they all are universally delicious. So you can stock them, especially in the summers!

6. Carob Juice

Carob is an evergreen flowering shrub belongings to the pea family. Carob is often used as a substitute in making various products such as baked goods, snacks, cereal, dairy products. and beverages. Some health benefits of Carob is:-

  • Carob improves your digestion and lowers cholesterol levels in the blood.
  • It is used for treating diarrhoea in children and adults.
  • Carob benefits people with high blood pressure as it does not contain caffeine.
  • Singers chew carob pod husks to clear the voice and throat.

These are the best must-try beverages in Dubai. As we all know that Dubai fall under desert areas everyone wants to remain calm with the help of cold drinks. If you are in Dubai, you musty have to try this beverage once. So, why not cool down your body with these beverages sounds good!

Let us know which one you already tried in comment box.

Q. Which beverage is best for health benefits in Dubai?

Ans. Carob juice is best in terms of getting good health benefits.

Q. Which drink is based on salty yoghurt in Dubai?

Ans. Laban is a salty based drink.

Q. Gahwa is also known as?

Ans. Gahwa, i.e. Arabic coffee known as a welcome beverage in UAE.

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