best budget friendly supermarket in Dubai(UAE)

Best Budget-friendly Supermarket or Hypermarket in Dubai

We have a list of some best supermarkets in Dubai which you can visit for shopping. As supermarkets have varieties of products are there. You can purchase groceries, electronic things, food, and clothes. These all supermarkets are budget-friendly it means you don’t need to worry about money as all items are available within budget. Some popular supermarkets are listed below:

1. Union Coop

Union coop is one of the most reliable supermarkets in Dubai with a good reputation. If you need fresh fruits, clothes, electronic appliances, and other items, the supermarket has that and many other things you also like to have. Nowadays, customers care about product quality, so Union coop is well known for maintaining product quality and for fresh items’. If you live in Dubai, there is a benefit for you, which is a loyalty program as the government runs the store. It is available in most of the cities with serving its customer for over 25 years.

  • It has 20 branches and three malls (Al Barsha Mall, Etihad Mall, and Al Warqa City Mall).
  • Union coop has launched two grocery chains such as mini coop and coop.
  • The smart shopping concept has also been launched in many branches.

2. Carrefour

Carrefour is a French multinational retailer. It is one of the most convenient supermarkets available in Dubai that offers several products at a lower price as compare to other hypermarkets in the UAE. Carrefour offers you a wide variety of items such as clothes, appliances, accessories, and electronics. Carrefour offers you the best deals on every product compared to other supermarkets and unique offers that make it easier for a customer to choose and buy the product.

  • Carrefour is well known for its well-stocked organic food section.
  • It is well known for having supermarkets across the largest malls in Dubai.
  • A dedicated app is available for online shopping.

3. West zone

West zone group is one of the leading supermarkets in Dubai as it offers a wide range of items to its customers. It provides a wide variety of locally produced products and imported products but at an attractive price. You can buy all kinds of goods from here such as fresh fruits and vegetables, electronic appliances, home essentials and many more. West zone is well known for its ethos and ethical behaviour with the customer.

  • It also has its label product range that you can also buy.
  • It is one of the most rapidly expanding supermarkets in Dubai.
  • It has several brands within west zone supermarkets.

4. LULU Hypermarket

LULU hypermarket is one of the largest retail chains in the Middle East, with more than 150 outlets in the country. In this hypermarket, all necessary items are available such as grocery, fresh food, electronic appliances, clothes, and home living items. As all the products available are at an affordable price and it makes the LULU hypermarket.

  • Products are available at attractive prices.
  • Small and large outlets with the Indian ex-pats in the city.
  • The most prominent outlets can be found in AI Karama, AI Barsha, and Arabian Centre in AI Mizhar.

5. Waitrose

Waitrose supermarket is well known for maintaining a very high quality of produce. The supermarket has a wide range of products available there, such as Bakery items, fruits and vegetables, beverages, cosmetics and beauty, butchery, food cupboard, and household products all available there and is ready to bring at home. Waitrose offers you a great selection of British products with full-fledged frozen meals.

  • There are six branches of Waitrose in Dubai.
  • Waitrose products are available in Spinneys outlets across the city.
  • Spacious stores in The Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina Mall, and Motor City.

6. Spinneys

Spinneys is one of the best supermarkets in Dubai, which is committed to providing the best organic food. In this supermarket, you can find a large variety of local and international products. Spinneys has everything in its stores, such as poultry items and ready meals which are waiting for you. It has various branches in Dubai.

  • It falls under a few list of supermarkets that sells pork and non-halal meat.
  • Largest spinneys store located in Motor City.
  • Popular branches can be found on Jumeirah Beach Road and AI Warqa 1.

7. Baqer Mohebi

Baqer Mohebi is a grocery shop where you can buy chocolates at a low price as this supermarket is famous for chocolates. It is also renowned for the distribution of consumer goods, both food and non-food. Baqer Mohebi operates a large number of retail stores. There is a large number of chocolate brands such as Toblerone and Hersheys with attractive prices. They also offer chocolates from premium brands. It is also known for its awesome deals on chocolates and other sweets.

  • Baqer Mohebi offers three brands like Consumer brands, HORECA brands, and Tobacco brands.
  • Several branches of this supermarket in Dubai.
  • The largest branches can be found in AI Manhkhool, Bur Dubai, and AI Qiyadah in Deira.
Q. Which is the best supermarket for buying premium quality chocolates in UAE or Dubai?

Ans. Baqer Mohebi offers you the best and premium quality of chocolates.

Q. Which is the best supermarket for buying organic food in Dubai or UAE?

Ans. Spinneys offers you the best organic food rather than other supermarkets.

Q. Which are the best supermarkets for shopping in Dubai?    

Ans. These are some best supermarkets in Dubai are available like Union Coop, Carrefour, West zone, LULU Hypermarket, Waitrose, Spinneys, and Baqer Mohebi.

Q. Which supermarket provides the dedicated app?

Ans. Carrefour provides a dedicated app for online shopping as well.

Q. Which is the best supermarket for British food products in Dubai?

Ans. Waitrose will offer you a great selection of British products with full-fledged frozen meals.

Q. Which is the best supermarket for Indian food products in Dubai?

Ans. West zone and LULU Hypermarket will offer you a great selection of Indian food products.

Q. Which is the best budget-friendly supermarket or hypermarket in Dubai or UAE?

Ans. Union Coop is the best budget-friendly supermarket or hypermarket in Dubai or UAE.

These are some best supermarkets available in Dubai where you can visit buying day-to-day products or any other essential products. These supermarkets have both local and international products available there. As you are visiting malls psychically, take care of every precaution regarding covid-19, such as wearing a mask, sanitizing your hands, and maintaining proper distance from other customers.

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