Best Desert Adventure Activities in Dubai

Best Desert Adventure Activities in Dubai – 2021

The best place for desert adventure is Dubai. If you are in Dubai and didn’t experience the desert, you missed the essential and remarkable experience. We had made a list for you where we included some famous desert adventure in Dubai where you must visit to complete your Dubai trip successfully. The price of these adventures may vary due to season or time. Some famous deserts adventure are as follows: 

1. Morning Desert Safari 

In our list, the first position hold by Morning Desert Safari as the name suggests that it involves a lot of adventure activities. The warm sun rays and morning cold air gives you a perfect experience. Here you can forget your all problems and grasp the desert vibes and it involves lots of activities such as camel rides, hot air balloons, quad life available during morning safari. Desert is the perfect combination of a calm environment as well as those who want to enjoy thrilling activities as well as live belly dancing, Tanura performance, or shisha smoking like many other entertaining activities. Desert safari offers you three packages – Morning, Evening, and Overnight Safaris.

Price: 617 AED

2. Dune Bashing

In our list, the second position hold by Dune Bashing means that driving with full of craziness over dunes. The best part of dune bashing is that you can enjoy thrilling driving for over an hour. If you are fond of driving with thrilling activities then this desert activity will be the best choice for fulfilling your dreams of thrilling driving. You can enjoy activities such as sandboarding and quad biking at an extra charge. Along with this, you can also capture the best shots for creating a memorable trip, which makes your trip memorable.

Price: 187 AED

3. Quad Biking

This is best for those who are fond of bike driving and best for those who want to drive a bike on four wheels as quad biking mainly focuses on four-wheeled driving with crazy experience and it is also an outdoor activity. Quad biking in Dubai is the best experience you will get ever. A quad bike is an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), is the only vehicle that allows you to enjoy quad biking in desert areas. This bike includes a handlebar as well as a steering wheel also. You have an option for getting a quad bike on rent to enjoy the best experience of quad biking. Quad biking places are Red Dunes By Quad Al Khayma Camp starting from AED 320.

Some key points for Quad Biking are:

  • Only peoples aged 14 and up are allowed to ride a quad bike solo.
  • If you don’t have any experience of quad biking then you need to get proper training for how to ride the bike and all the functions of a bike.
  • As you are going to desert so you need every item for protection like sunglasses, face cream because for some people the atmosphere maybe not appropriate.

4. Sand Boarding

Sandboarding is one of the most favourite adventure activities for everyone. If you are going to the desert you have to go for sand boarding as it gained an immense response recently. If you are planning a trip to Dubai then you must try this activity once to make your trip to be amazing. Sandboarding is a desert activity as names sound sand it is available mostly in deserts. It involves sliding down the slopes of dunes and downward sloping this will increase your speed more and more and you will enjoy that speed and get a unique experience. Dubai is the safest country for sandboarding as it’s super easy and super safe, best offers on sandboarding and it is best for those who want to enjoy the solo activity.

Some places are :

  • AI Khayma Camp starting from AED 256.
  • Dubai Red Dune Desert Safari starting from AED 153.
  • Dubai Overnight Safari starting from AED 445.

5. Dune Buggy 

This ride you will never forget because no other activity can match the level of Dune buggy driving. You can select according to your requirement as it has 3 seaters to 5 seater buggy available. With a dune buggy, you can get an amazing experience of the desert as well. The best is that there is no requirement of license for driving this buggy so everyone can enjoy this activity but the minimum buggy driving age is 16 years.

  • Rapid buggy tour for 1 hour at AED650.
  • Mojo buggy tour for 2 hours at AED1400.
  • 3. 2-hour Polaris RS1 at AED1300.

6. Hummer Desert Safari

This is best for those who are going in the group for a trip as with more people more enjoyment. As the name suggests that it involves a hummer car in it. With this, you can enjoy all scenery. As the hummer is driven by experts and is fully air-conditioned so there is no chance of any difficulties you fill face. With you can experience the best desert ever. You can enjoy this activity every time.

7. Dirt Biking

As the name suggests that it involves a bike, this is best for those who are fond of bike riding. It is considered the best way of enjoying the adventurous side of Dubai. Here you can enjoy off-road driving, best motorcycling activity and you will get expert surveillance so you can perform all activities. The starting price of Dirt Biking is AED700.

8. Desert Far Biking

This is mainly based on a two-wheeler bike. You can ride over dunes and can enjoy the atmosphere around you. With this ride, you can remain fit as well and best to test your fitness level also. Your bike is fitted with wide tires to run over the sand as your expert guides you. One session for biking is 50-60 minutes. The price for Desert Fat biking is AED 210 per person.

These are the most popular adventure activities you can enjoy while going to Dubai. As we all know that world is suffering from a covid-19 pandemic so should take care of every precaution such as wearing a mask, proper sanitization, maintaining a gap from others, and avoid going in crowded areas.

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