GYMs in Dubai | Couple Friendly GYMs in Dubai

GYMs in Dubai | Couple Friendly GYMs in Dubai

Want to be fit and healthy? The first thought will be going to the gym. You can find the perfect gym available near your homes so it can be easily accessible. We have a list of gyms open in Dubai which you must join for keeping your body fit. So, if you are looking for the perfect workout, we have categorized the gym according to the areas.

Gyms in Dubai Marina

1. F45 Dubai Marina

This gym is based on F45, which involves 45-minutes of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) circuit. With the latest equipment and big screen demonstrating providing you with a customized meal plan. F45 is the most famous gym in Dubai.

  • Offers HIIT training.
  • Membership fees:- 1-week free trial, Customized membership packages.
  • Location:– Trident Grand Residence, Dubai Marina
  • Contact:- +971-50-180-0354

2. Iconic Fitness

The best feature of this gym is CrossFit fitness enthusiasts, looking to themselves be stronger, faster, and healthier with qualified coaches who focus on fitness classes that help in losing weight and specialized body transformation.

  • Offers specialized CrossFit training classes.
  • Membership fees:- CrossFit AED 999 per month, Personal training AED 250 per session, Customized packages for body transformation
  • Location:- Ground floor, Dream Tower 2
  • Contact:- +971-4-422-5338
  • Gyms in JLT

3. Fidelity Fitness Club

Fidelity is one of the leading gyms among gyms in JLT and one of the best gym in Dubai. Offering a wide range of fitnesses programmes will help you shave the extra pound you have and look healthier. In addition, you have access to personalized training in the Fidelity Fitness Club, a wide range of gym gears and machines and fitness session range from Zumba and HIIT.

  • Offers a wide range of activities from personal training to Zumba, Yoga and HIIT.
  • Membership fees:- Various membership plans available
  • Location:- First Floor, Almas Tower, near cluster D
  • Contact:- +971-800-332823

4. Elevation Fitness

The elevation is another quality gym for people living and working in the areas. It has various inspiration stories speaking its volume of success. Some best features are personal trainers who will carefully focus on every person to get the best result and become healthier. 

  • Offers specialized personal training for both men and women.
  • Membership fees:- 299 AED per month, 222 AED (quarterly, 199 AED (half-yearly), and 183 AED annual.
  • Location:- Lake Shore Towers, Cluster Y
  • Contact:- +971-4-551-4744 

Gyms in Business Bay

1. UFC Gym

Residents of Business Bay looking for a gym, then UFC gym will be best. This is an international gym with all the latest facilities to improve your health and get fit to adopt an active lifestyle. You can enrol into various programs and trust the experts.

  • It offers a wide variety of programs and classes to suit your fitness goals.
  • Membership fees:- According to the type of program you choose.
  • Location:- P Floor, Building – 1 Al Asayel St.
  • Contact:- +971-800-832496

2. GFX Fitness Center in Dubai

It is perfect for you to visit Business Bay if you are looking for a group exercise in Dubai. Membership of GFX Fitness Center is good for the best offers in Dubai. Here you can pick a group of fitness classes that include Zumba, Yoga, indoor cycling and many more.

  • Great for group exercises such as Zumba, yoga, indoor cycling and online gym classes in Dubai.
  • Membership fees:- Group classes start at 95 AED (in-house) and 50 AED (online).
  • Location:- F52 Bay Avenue, Mezzanine Floor, Executive Towers
  • Contact:- +971-4-425-5940

3. The Gym

A fitness club with luxury interiors, The Gym in Dubai is well equipped and includes all the latest facilities. The high-end interiors say themselves as luxury items. The cardio equipment is fully loaded with video entertainment which helps you to do your workout perfectly. The Muscle bar is where you can indulge in healthy snacks and drinks prepared in the house.

  • It offers different types of strength and resistance training depending on your body weight and fitness level.
  • Membership fees:- Memberships include VIP, monthly, weekly, and day pass.   
  • Location:- Vision Tower Business Bay
  • Contact:- +971-4-442-6586

Gyms in Dubai Sports City

1. FITREPUBLIK, Dubai Sports City

FitRepublik is a community that celebrates fun elements of working out and caters to all age and requirements. It is a full-fledged sports facility in Dubai Sports City. One of the biggest gym in the Middle East, which boasts some seriously jaw-dropping equipment. There are all the usual facilities available along with an Olympic size swimming pool.

  • Offers classes for adults and children in various sports and fitness disciplines and has over 350 coaches and trainers and features available there.
  • Membership fees: Basic gym membership AED 350 per month, AED 250 per session, and AED 80 per day
  • Location: FitRepublik Fitness Center, The Academies, and Dubai Sports City.
  • Contact: +971-4-556-1800

These are some best gyms available in Dubai which you can join for keeping your body fit and healthier as categorized by areas. In addition, some more gyms are also open, such as Prime Fitness JVC, Optimal Fitness, Symmetry Gym, Embody Fitness, Gym Nation, The Warehouse Gym, and Seven.

Q. Which are the best GYMs in Dubai Marina?

Ans. The best gyms in Dubai Marina are F45 Dubai Marina, Iconic Fitness, Fidelity Fitness Club, and Elevation Fitness.

Q. Which are the best GYMs in Business Bay?

Ans. The best gyms in Business Bay are UFC Gym, GFX Fitness Center in Dubai, and The Gym.

Q. Which are the best GYM in Dubai Sport City?

Ans. The best gym in Dubai Sport City is FITREPUBLIK.

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