How to Get Free Samples in UAE or Dubai
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How to Get Free Samples in UAE or Dubai

Are you looking for free products in UAE or Dubai? If yes, we will help you to get the free products as a sample. Today, we will discuss the website that gives you free samples and is delivered to your home or doorstep.

Hamples will provide your free samples of products. They have many products as the sample which you can use. They also update free samples every Tuesday. So you can get new free samples every Tuesday.

How It works

  • After successful signup, you need to log in.
  • Then you need to click on the My samples option in the top menu.
  • Now you need to select the free samples which are available at that time.
  • Then you need to enter the address where you want your free samples will be delivered.
  • Yeh!! You did it. Now you wait for 3 to 4 days for your free samples.

Free Samples Products

They change their samples every Tuesday, but below, we have the most common free samples available.

  1. Lipton Green Tea Free Samples
  2. Guardex Sanitizer Bottle Free Samples
  3. Guardex Hand Wash Free Samples
  4. Bake Naturally – Soft Baked Bar Free Samples
  5. Karak Tea Free Samples
  6. Sekem Organic Cinnamon Tea Free Samples
  7. Schick Extreme3 Razor Free Samples
  8. Guardex Shower Gel Free Samples
  9. Black V-Gum Free Samples
  10. Dove Shower Gel Free Samples
  11. Baby Diapers Free Samples
Q. Can I get free samples in UAE or Dubai?

Ans. You can get free samples in UAE or Dubai from

Q. How many free samples do I get in Dubai from Hamples?

Ans. Hamples have more than 10 free samples available on their website.

Q. How many time will order free samples?

Ans. You can order free samples one time.

Q. How we can get a free green tea sample in Dubai?

Ans. You can get a free green tea sample from Hamples.

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