Discover Mushrif National Park

Welcome to our guide to Mushrif National Park, a hidden gem in the heart of Abu Dhabi that offers a peaceful oasis for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. In this article, we will explore the park’s features, facilities, and activities, and share some tips on how to make the most of your visit.

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Mushrif National Park: The Location and Access

Mushrif National Park is located in the eastern part of Abu Dhabi Island, near the neighborhoods of Al Mushrif and Al Zafranah. The park is easily accessible by car, taxi, or public transportation, and has ample parking spaces for visitors. The main entrance to the park is on 15th Street, opposite the Mushrif Palace.

Mushrif National Park: The History and Overview

Mushrif National Park was established in 1982 as a green lung for the city of Abu Dhabi, and has since grown into a sprawling 5.25 square kilometer park that offers a wide range of recreational and educational activities. The park is home to over 50 species of trees, including Ghaf, Sidr, and Neem, as well as many native and migratory birds, reptiles, and mammals.

Mushrif National Park: The Facilities and Amenities

Mushrif National Park offers a variety of facilities and amenities for visitors, including:

  • Picnic areas with tables, chairs, and barbecue grills
  • Children’s playgrounds with swings, slides, and climbing frames
  • Sports fields and courts for football, basketball, and tennis
  • Cycling and jogging tracks with scenic views
  • Fishing ponds with catfish and tilapia
  • Petting zoo with goats, sheep, and chickens
  • Botanical garden with labeled plants and trees
  • Environmental education center with exhibits and workshops

Mushrif National Park: The Activities and Events

Mushrif National Park offers many opportunities for outdoor activities and events, such as:

  • Nature walks and hikes with knowledgeable guides
  • Birdwatching and wildlife spotting
  • Fishing tournaments and competitions
  • Sports tournaments and leagues
  • Music concerts and festivals
  • Art exhibitions and workshops
  • Educational programs and field trips

Mushrif National Park: Tips and Recommendations

To make the most of your visit to Mushrif National Park, we recommend the following tips:

Check the weather forecast and dress appropriately for the season and activity
Bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and insect repellent
Respect the park rules and regulations, and keep the park clean and tidy
Use the designated facilities for barbecuing, fishing, and cycling, and avoid damaging the natural habitats
Attend one of the guided walks or workshops to learn more about the park’s ecology and history
Follow the park’s social media accounts for updates and promotions

Mushrif National Park: The Environmental Sustainability

Mushrif National Park is not only a recreational and educational destination but also a model for environmental sustainability and conservation. The park’s management and staff are committed to preserving the natural resources and biodiversity of the park and promoting eco-friendly practices among visitors and the community. Some of the initiatives and projects that the park has implemented or supported include:

  • Recycling and waste reduction programs, including separate bins for recyclable materials and composting of organic waste
  • Energy and water conservation measures, such as solar panels for lighting and irrigation and smart meters for monitoring and optimizing consumption
  • Native species restoration and invasive species control, with regular monitoring and research to improve the park’s ecosystem health
  • Educational campaigns and events, such as Earth Day and World Environment Day, to raise awareness and encourage action on environmental issues
  • Collaborations with local and international organizations, such as the Emirates Nature-WWF and the Global Tiger Forum, to share knowledge and resources and promote global conservation efforts.

Mushrif National Park: The Cultural Heritage

Mushrif National Park is not only a natural wonder but also a cultural treasure that reflects the rich history and traditions of the UAE and the region. The park’s location and design have been inspired by the traditional oasis and desert settlements, and the architecture and decor of the facilities and buildings have been adapted to the local style and materials. Some of the cultural features and events that the park offers or showcases include:

  • Traditional Bedouin tents and seating areas, where visitors can relax and enjoy the shade and breeze
  • Camel rides and shows, which highlight the importance of camels in the UAE’s past and present economy and society
  • Falconry displays and workshops, which showcase the art and science of falconry and its role in the UAE’s heritage and identity
  • Arabic calligraphy and henna art workshops, which introduce visitors to the beauty and meaning of Arabic script and patterns
  • Traditional music and dance performances, which celebrate the diversity and creativity of the UAE’s cultural expressions.

Mushrif National Park: The Future Plans

Mushrif National Park is constantly evolving and improving, and has ambitious plans for the future that aim to enhance the park’s services, attractions, and sustainability. Some of the projects and ideas that the park’s management and partners are working on or considering include:

  • Expansion of the park’s facilities and services, such as adding more picnic areas, playgrounds, and sports fields, and upgrading the visitor center and gift shop
  • Introduction of new activities and events, such as stargazing nights, night walks, and outdoor cinema
  • Implementation of more sustainable practices and technologies, such as green roofs, rainwater harvesting, and electric vehicles
  • Integration of more digital and interactive features and services, such as mobile apps, virtual tours, and augmented reality experiences
  • Promotion of the park’s role in research, education, and innovation, such as collaborating with universities and research centers on biodiversity and climate change studies, and incubating startups and social enterprises that focus on sustainability and conservation.

Mushrif National Park: The Final Thoughts

Mushrif National Park is a unique and inspiring destination that offers something for everyone, from families and nature lovers to history buffs and adventurers. Whether you are looking for a peaceful escape from the urban hustle or an active and educational day out, the park can fulfill your expectations and more. We hope you have enjoyed reading this guide and learning about the park’s features, facilities, and vision. Please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback, and to join the park’s community and activities.


Mushrif National Park is a unique and valuable asset for the city of Abu Dhabi, and a great destination for anyone who loves nature, sports, or culture. We hope this guide has inspired you to visit the park and explore its many features and activities. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.

What is Mushrif National Park, and where is it located?

Mushrif National Park is a natural and cultural park located in the heart of Abu Dhabi city, in the United Arab Emirates. It covers an area of 1300 acres and features a variety of landscapes, habitats, and attractions.

What are the park’s opening hours and admission fees?

Mushrif National Park is open every day from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM, with free admission for all visitors. Some activities and events may require additional fees or bookings, so it’s best to check the park’s website or call ahead for details.

What are the main attractions and activities in the park?

Mushrif National Park offers a range of attractions and activities for all ages and interests, including nature walks, birdwatching, cycling, picnicking, playgrounds, sports fields, camel rides, falconry shows, henna art, and traditional music and dance performances. There are also several facilities and services available, such as a visitor center, gift shop, cafes, and restrooms.

How can I get to Mushrif National Park, and is there parking available?

Mushrif National Park is easily accessible by car, taxi, or public transportation, with several entrances and exits from different parts of the city. There are also ample parking spaces available, both free and paid, depending on the location and time of visit.

Is it safe to visit Mushrif National Park, especially for families with children?

Mushrif National Park is a safe and secure environment, with trained and friendly staff, clear signs and directions, and well-maintained facilities and equipment. However, as with any outdoor or public space, visitors are advised to take basic precautions, such as staying hydrated, using sunscreen and insect repellent, wearing appropriate clothing and footwear, and following the park’s rules and guidelines.

What should I bring with me to Mushrif National Park?

Visitors are encouraged to bring their own essentials and equipment, such as water bottles, hats, sunglasses, cameras, binoculars, bikes, and sports gear. There are also some rental and sale options available, such as bicycles, helmets, and souvenirs.

Can I bring food and drinks to Mushrif National Park, or are there any restrictions?

Visitors are welcome to bring their own food and drinks, as long as they follow the park’s guidelines and regulations regarding waste disposal, cleanliness, and respect for other visitors and wildlife. There are also several food and beverage options available, such as cafes, kiosks, and vending machines.

Can I take pictures or videos in Mushrif National Park, and are there any copyright or privacy issues?

Visitors are allowed to take pictures and videos for personal or non-commercial use, as long as they respect the park’s rules and regulations regarding safety, privacy, and respect for other visitors and wildlife. However, there may be some restrictions or guidelines regarding the use of flash, drones, or tripods, and visitors should also be aware of their own and others’ privacy and consent.

Are there any guided tours or educational programs available in Mushrif National Park?

Mushrif National Park offers several guided tours and educational programs, both for individuals and groups, that cover a variety of topics and themes related to the park’s natural and cultural heritage, such as biodiversity, conservation, history, and traditions. Some of these programs may require prior booking or additional fees, so it’s best to check the park’s website or contact the visitor center for details.

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