• How to Get Free Samples in UAE or Dubai
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    How to Get Free Samples in UAE or Dubai

    Are you looking for free products in UAE or Dubai? If yes, we will help you to get the free products as a sample. Today, we will discuss the website that gives you free samples and is delivered to your home or doorstep. Hamples.com Hamples will provide your free samples of products. They have many products as the sample which you can use. They also update free samples every Tuesday. So you can get new free samples every Tuesday. How It works First, you need to register on their website. Click Here to Register. After successful signup, you need to log in. Then you need to click on the My…

  • List of the Best Hotels in Palm Jumeirah

    List of the Best Hotels in Palm Jumeirah

    Hi Guys, Today we have to find the best hotels you can prefer if you want to stay at the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. Palm Jumeriah didn’t need any introduction, but we describe it in a few lines for our reader. The Palm Jumeirah is a manmade island in Dubai. The Palm Jumeriah began in June 2001, and by the end of 2009, 28 hotels were opened on the crescent. You are a water lover and come for a vacation in Dubai, the best place to stay in Palm Jumeirah. Palm Jumeirah have so many best hotels, which will make your staycation memorable. Most of the hotels have their beaches, private…

  • 8 Arabic Foods You Must Try in Dubai
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    8 Arabic Foods You Must Try in Dubai

    We selected the best options for you to enjoy the best authentic Arabic food in Dubai. So if you are in Dubai, you must try these Arabic foods, which also help you understand the history or culture of Dubai. In Dubai, you can also get restaurants serving the best American food, British food, Indian food. If you are a food lover and want to explore an enormous variety of food in Dubai, then you must try some Arabic foods mentioned below:- 1. Shawarma Shawarma is the bestseller in Dubai for decades. Tender strips of chicken, flavoured with a heady mix of spices, are cooked on a rotating spit makes it…

  • 6 Traditional Arabic Beverage You Must Try in Dubai
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    6 Traditional Arabic Beverage You Must Try in Dubai

    We have selected several options of best traditional Arabic beverages available in Dubai, which you must try once. The most traditional drinks in Dubai are tea and coffee, as UAE has adopted drinks from other Middle Eastern and subcontinental countries. These traditional Arabic beverages will help you to cool down in the summer time. You must try these beverages and let us know which one is your favorite in the comment box below. 1. Gahwa Gahwa or Arabic coffee popularly known as a welcome drink in the UAE. It is served in Emirates households. This is the first drink which the tourist want to explore as it falls under traditional…

  • Couples All-Time Favorite Playlist in Spotify
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    Couples All-Time Favorite Playlist in Spotify

    Today we are sharing our all-time Favorite playlist in Spotify with our blog family. We have selected the best song, which we usually listen to when we are together in the home and the car. Please follow our Spotify playlist, and It will motivate us to work harder and find the best content for you. Click Here For Playlist  Dubai Couple – All Time Favorite. After opening, please follow our Playlist. As we all know, music is the best therapy, which will help us to change our mood. We love this therapy. Whenever we fight and feel sad, we start listing this playlist. It helped our brain recover fast from…

  • best places to rent a car in Dubai

    Best Places to Rent a Car in Dubai

    Are you looking to rent a car in Dubai? We have created a list of companies where you can easily rent a car in Dubai. It’s up to you that you can rent a car or use local taxies. But you have to choose one method for travelling in Dubai. Renting a car is the best option for traveller or tourists. This article is also for those people who desire to have a car. Some people can’t afford to buy a car. They need time and money. So car renting is the best option for them. We are providing you with the best places from where you can rent a…

  • Top 8 Places for Vacation or Long Staycation in Dubai
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    Top 8 Places for Vacation or Long Staycation in Dubai

    Dubai is the best place to spend a vacation. Dubai is world-famous for its amazing views, hotels, restaurants and beaches. Dubai has many places specially made for people who love to spend their vacation in silent and luxurious places. We have a list of the best staycation places in Dubai! Which you select to make your vacation experience more wonderful. The key feature of these places are quiet, unpolluted, and clean environment as these all are good for health. So, we have listed those places below:- 1. AI Seef It is the perfect spot for those who love culture as the city’s cultural heart is designed with a modern vision.…