Best App to Buy Bitcoin

Perfect App to Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP Cryptocurrency in the Middle East or UAE

Hi Guys, if you want to invest your money in cryptocurrency and you in the middle east or UAE then this article will help achieve your goal.

In the middle east, it is difficult to find a genuine platform where you can easily invest your money in a few click and you can trust that platform. We research on this topic and find the best platform where you can start investing your money with in few hours. Because it cryptocurrency world price is going high within 24 hours.


This is the Largest cryptocurrency investment platform in the UAE or the Middle East. This platform offers you multiple cryptocurrencies some of the most important is – Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, etc.

BitOasis Offer

if you join or create a account from the below click you can earn money when you deposit money.

Signup – Click Here

Deposit & Buy Range 300 – 499 AED – You Get 25 AED

Deposit & Buy Range 500 – 999 AED – You Get 50 AED

Deposit & Buy Range 1000 – 4999 AED – You Get 100 AED

Deposit & Buy Range 5000 – 9999 AED – You Get 150 AED

Deposit & Buy Range 10000 – 14999 AED – You Get 200 AED

Deposit & Buy Range 15000 – 24999 AED – You Get 300 AED

Deposit & Buy Range 25000+ AED – You Get 500 AED

Note: Please do not add your all saving, start from 1000 AED.

How it’s work

  1. Click on this – Signup or
  2. Create your account with email and password.  
  3. That’s it you created your accounts.

Document Required for Verification process

  1. Emirates ID front and backside image
  2. Passport image

Dubai Couple BitOasis Review

We are invested 1000 AED on 25 April and on 27 April it will increase to more than 1200 AED so in two days we got 200AED profit. It’s crazy. Below you can see the proof.

How to add money in BitOasis App

Before adding money your accounts need to be verified.

  1. Click on the Accounts option in the menu.
  2. Click on the Deposit button.
  3. There will be two option one is a bank transfer
  4. The second payment option is a credit/debit card (usually we use this option)

How to Buy Cryptocurrency from BitOasis App

  1. First, you need to add money to buy any crypto coin
  2. Click on the Pro option in the bottom menu of the app
  3. Select which Cryptocurrency you want to buy
  4. Then click on the Buy Button
  5. Select Market Order type from the Order type drop-down menu
  6. Enter the amount which you want to use to buy a crypto coin
  7. Click on the Place Order button

Finally, you had done that. Now you enter in the Cryptocurrency world.

Q.  Best Platform or App to invest or buy Cryptocurrency in the middle east or UAE?

Ans. BitOasis is the best platform to invest or buy Cryptocurrency in the UAE or Middle East region.

Q. How much time BitOasis App take to Verify your account?

Ans. BitOasis take only 10 minutes to approve your account. The verification process is very fast compared to other platforms.

Q. What is the official links to Signup for the BitOasis website?

Ans. Use this link to Signup or create an account on BitOasis – Click Here or

Q. Who is the Largest cryptocurrency investment platform in UAE?

Ans. BitOasis is the Larges tcryptocurrency investment platform. Where you can buy or sell bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and other important Cryptocurrency.

Q. How many cryptocurrency BitOasis supported?

Ans. BitOasis support a total of 21 cryptocurrencies. Which cover all essential cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP, Litcoin (LTC), Tether(USDT), Stellar(XLM).

Q. How many types are available to add money to BitOasis Platform or App?

Ans. You use wire transfer and credit/debit card to deposit money in the BitOasis Platform or App.

Q. Is it safe to buy Cryptocurrency from BitOasis?

Ans. Yes, BitOasis is a safe and secure platform to buy Cryptocurrency. We have also invested our money with BitOasis.

Q. How much money I need to deposit the first time BitOasis?

Ans. You can deposit as low as 100 AED to 15000 per week if you are verified for tier 1.

Q. Can I send or receive the crypto coin in BitOasis in UAE or the Middle East?

Ans. Yes, you can send or receive crypto coin using BitOasis.

Q. What I will do if I have any questions?

Ans. You can ask your questions in the comments.

Note: Any information provided on this website does not constitute investment advice or investment recommendation nor does it constitute an offer to buy or sell shares and cryptocurrencies. This article is only for knowledge purpose. Thank you for reading.

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