How to Get Free Sim Card In UAE & Top 3 Sim Card Providers

How to Get Free Sim Card In UAE & Top 3 Sim Card Providers

Are you looking to buy a prepaid sim card with a stable network and cover a larger area. Here we have the names of the best sims card provider in the UAE, which will fulfil your needs. Nowadays mobile play a crucial role in our life so without sim card mobile is a box. All of these sim providers provides prepaid and post-paid services. You can buy a sim at the Dubai airport or any shopping destination in Dubai. Three sims are as follows:

1. DU Sim Card

  • If you want both call and internet package on your DU sim, you can get 500 data along with 20 minutes of talk-time for seven days for 55 AED
  • The provider offers you a plan with 2 GB internet and 40 minutes of calls for 75 AED for those who want more data and minutes.
  • Tourist can also get a 3.5 GB data package that includes 50 minutes of talk time for 110 AED. This package is valid for 14 days—this package is also available for international calls.

2. Etisalat Sim Card

Etisalat sim offers two prepaid packages:

  • The First Etisalat sim card package offers you 2 GB of data with 40 minutes of voice calls for 125 AED.
  • The second Etisalat sim card package offers you 7.5 GB of data with 175 minutes of voice calls for 200 AED.
  • Both packs are valid for 14 days and include a 100 AED Careen credit.

3. Virgin Sim Card

This sim is available for both residents and tourists for prepaid plans in Dubai. The company offers different monthly, half-yearly and yearly mobile plans. Customers can also create customize plans as per their requirement.

The basic subscription package starts from 82.95 AED for 1 GB and 50 local minutes/SMS. Adding 50 minutes to the basic package would cost 92.40 AED for a monthly plan. 


The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, Major General Mohammad Al Marri, has announced that tourists in Dubai who are 18 years old or above can get a free sim card. As soon they arrive at the airport, they can visit the passport control officer and get a new sim with free call minutes and data. The free three minutes talk time and 20 MB data are valid for a month.  

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