Burj Khalifa Top Review By DubaiCouple
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Burj Khalifa Top Review By DubaiCouple | Is Burj Khalifa Worth to Visit

Today we will discuss our experience about the visit of Burj Khalifa at The Top (124-125 floor). We will describe the things that will help you to decide, how Burj Khalifa visiting is worth for you, as you guys will have amazing view.

When we decide

It was long story in short, we decided to go to Burj Khalifa in 2018. At that time, we were not in Dubai. Going at the Top of Burj Khalifa is in our couple goals list. At that time, it is in our normal discussion about our dream destinations, Finally after two years, We visited Burj Khalifa in 2020.

Our Experience

Lets talk about our experience, so firstly about the tickets, as we know there is ticket for viewing of Burj Khalifa, and every floor has it’s different price. We purchase our visiting ticket from Groupon. We first went to Dubai Mall as it is infront of Burj khalifa, its enternce is easy to find from there and then from Dubai mall, we found the fountain show area. We went straight and entered the Burj Khalifa Building. It took us around 20 minutes long. At the enterence of Burj Khalifa, a photographer took pictures of ours, which we can later buy at the top. They edited our photos and added the Burj Khalifa in the background from various view points that looks really nice. After they clicked our photos, we went straight towards the elevator, which took us to the top of the Burj Khalifa.

While walking towards elevator we saw the making of Burj khalifa, lots of videos playing on the screens are in the way, that amazed us about the history of Dubai and how this building structure made up of. Usually, they send four people in one elevator, but we got the chance to go alone. In around few seconds we reached at the top Burj Khalifa, we experienced the elevator that is one of the fastest elevator in the world. Yeahh.. finally at the top, that view was mind-blowing and the wind there is like you flying in the air. We watched the view from every corner, clicked some pictures that we saw almost every day as it reminds us the view that is still in our eyes. It is a wonderful experience for us. You can roughly view half of Dubai from Burj Khalifa Top.

We also have coffee, remember it is included in the ticket. We also watch the sunset from Burj Khalifa Top. It is an unforgettable experience and wonderful moment of our life.

Our Suggestions For You

  1. We suggest that you purchase your ticket or voucher from Groupon, It will give you affordable prices for this wonderful experience. Purchasing the ticket from Groupon will help in visiting Top in the peak time without paying extra money.
  2. At the top, the wind blows fast, so for girls and lady, you need to take care of your hairs and dress.
  3. When you will be in the elevator, get ready with your camera. You will see feel something extra-ordinary, that we will not explain, so you will can feel more.
  4. If you are planning to go alone, it might be boring for you after some time. 
  5. Plan your visit according to sunset time, that will make your visit more memorable.

So, this is our marvelous experience and hope this article helps you to plan and decide your visit in Burj Khalifa. If you liked our article, please like and share. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment, we will try to respond.

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